Do Your Homework: The Best Books on Playing the Slots

Here it is, a little light reading on your favorite subject:

The Slot Expert’s Guide to Playing Slots. John Robison, Huntington Press, March 2002. Available in paperback, $6.95. Mr. Robison is an expert in slot machines and how to play them. He writes for “Midwest Gaming and Travel” magazine and contributes articles to “Casino Player,” “Strictly Slots,” and the Las Vegas Advisor.

Slot Smarts: Winning Strategies at the Slot Machine. Claude Halcombe, Citadel Trade, October 1996. Available in paperback, $9.00. Readers like Mr. Halcombe’s disciplined, easy-to-read plans for playing slots.

How to Win Millions Playing Slot Machines!…or Lose Trying. Frank Legato, Bonus Books, July, 2004. Available in paperback, $14.95. This author has written about slot machines for twenty years for many industry and player magazines. He is senior editor of the trade journal “Global Gaming Business.” Legato offers strategies for increasing your winning potential and debunks slot-machine myths.

Slot Machine Strategy: Winning Methods for Hitting the Jackpot. MacIntyre Symms, The Lyons Press, April, 2004. Available in paperback, $8.95. Symms offers insider tips on how to chose the right machine with the best chance of paying off, when to move to another machine, and how you should change your strategy when you play progressive and multiple-coin slots.

Secrets of Modern Slot Playing. Larry Mak, L & M Pubns, 4th edition. Available in paperback, $10.95 Mr. Mak takes a mathematical view of slot machines, and he provides insight gathered from machine designers, slot supervisors, slot mechanics, and other casino personnel. This book may be out of print, so look for it in used bookstores.

Break the One-Armed Bandits!. Frank Scoblete, Bonus Books, April 1994. Available in paperback, $12.95. Scoblete writes about the history of slot machines, managing your money, and selecting a “loose” machine in a tight casino. Scoblete tries to take the long-view in slot-playing, so he focuses on minimizing loss and coming out ahead.

Powerful Profits from Slots. Victor H. Royer, Citadel Trade, March, 2003. Available in paperback, $14.95. Mr. Royer has researched the modern slot machine and reveals the secrets behind the Random Number Generator. He offers information on discriminating between good and bad slots, how to find the best slots, and how to make the most of them.